Water, Not Foam

by Carol A. Valentine
President, Public Action, Inc. http://holocausts.org/
Copyright, April, 2018
May be reproduced for non-commercial purposes



April 19, 2018 — When the Pentagon RESCUE? Open Bloody Questions by Carol Valentine was first published by Public Action, all pictures of Pentagon fire showed the crews "fighting" the fire with water.  None showed foam.  Water on a petroleum fire, of course, will simply spread the conflagation and do more damage.

A few months after the article was published, many months after the incident, foam pictures appeared on the Internet.  The catch-up news was almost commical. 

But those times are now far in past for most people.  No one remembers which pictures were published when, and the rewrite of history has been completed.

But soft, what light from yonder window breaks?  So much time has passed since September 11, 2001, not only has the public forgotten, the manipulators of history have also forgotten.  Once again, the original pictures of water sprayed on the (allegedly) petroleum fire are appearing on the Internet and in the archives of various agencies.

Here is a survey of those archives where the rewriters of history have forgotten what we were supposed to forget.  Click on any image to see full size.

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