Monitoring On Going Operations
National Military Command Center is the nation's focal point for continuous monitoring and coordination of worldwide military operations. It directly supports combatant commanders, the chairman, the secretary of defense and the president in the command of U.S. armed forces in peacetime, contingencies and war.

The five command center watch teams are led by experienced deputy directors The teams are comprised of uniformed experts from across the spectrum of joint military operations and communications. The National Military Joint Intelligence Center is located within the command center to facilitate the fusion of a joint operational and intelligence picture of global events.

Structured to support the National Command Authority effectively and efficiently, the center participates in a wide variety of activities, ranging from missile warning and attack assessment to management of peacetime contingencies such as humanitarian relief operations. In conjunction with monitoring the current worldwide situation, the center alerts the Joint Staff and other national agencies of developing crises and will initially coordinate any crisis response required.

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