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Legends of SOF

Following is a list of international special operations personnel, officer and enlisted, who have made a significant, lasting contribution to the development, history, or mythology of special operations warfare. Note: This list includes numerous (but not all) Medal of Honor winners.  A complete list of SOF MOH recipients can be found here. Suggestions welcome.


U.S. Special Operations - General

William "Wild Bill" Donovan - Office of Special Services (OSS)


U.S. Navy SEALs

CDR Richard Marcinko - Founder, SEAL Team Six, Red Cell


U.S. Navy Special Boat Units

John D. Bulkeley

James E. Williams


U.S. Army Delta Force

COL Charles "Chargin' Charlie" Beckwith - Founder, Delta Force

MAJ Richard "Dick" Meadows

MSG Gary Gordon

SFC Randy Shughart

SFC Matt Reirson

SFC Earl Fillmore


US Army 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment

CW5 Randy Jones

CW4 Mike Durant

CW4 Raymond A. Frank

CW4 Clifton P. Wolcott


US Army Special Forces

SFC Jerry "Mad Dog" Shriver

Roy Benividez


U.S. Army Rangers

All U.S. Army Ranger selections can be found here.


US Air Force Special Tactics


US Air Force Special Operations Aviation



COL Ulrich Wegener - Founder, Germany's GSG-9


Great Britain

David Stirling - Founder, Great Britain's 22 Special Air Service



Ehud Barak

Yoni Netanyahu

Moshe "Muki" Betser