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Attention All AF FirefightersIf you would like to contribute any photographs to this section, please Fancy Email me. I would especially appreciate equipment photos. 

To see a full-sized version of a photo, click on the "Thumbnail" photo. To return after viewing the full-sized photo, click your browser's "Back" button.

The following photographs were taken at the AF's Firefighter Tech. School The 3345th Technical School, Chanute A.F.B - Rantoul, Illinois in August 1970.

(These photos are from the collection of and are Copyright protected by Bill Junkins)

Standing ByThe following photos are of a training pit fire. This first photo is of the crash trucks waiting to be called in to attack the fire. The trucks from front to back are: an 011B, a P2, and an O6.


chanute1.jpg (36847 bytes)In this photo, jet fuel, JP-4, is being pumped into the fire pit. If you look very closely, you can see a whitish area where the wing connects to the body of the mock-up. This is fuel being pumped from a nozzle.


chanute2.jpg (24755 bytes)This photo is of an instructor lighting off the fire. Note the flames from the instructors torch flowing behind him. This is a job you do very quickly.


The fire is taking off.

The Dragon Is Awakened!
chanute4.jpg (18679 bytes)

More of The Dragon
chanute5.jpg (43754 bytes)

chanute6.jpg (34458 bytes)Initial Attack - The brownish looking fluid coming out of the roof and the bumper turrets of the truck is foam. The whitish cloud coming out of the O6 is CO2.


chanute7.jpg (35491 bytes)The truck in the foreground expelling foam from it's roof turret is an O11B.



More of the "Attack"
chanute8.jpg (31103 bytes)

Protecting the "Rescue."
chanute9.jpg (29361 bytes)

chanut10.jpg (35530 bytes)

"Mop-Up" continues.
chanut11.jpg (33396 bytes)

chanut12.jpg (58334 bytes)Fun's over, time for clean-up!
Left to Right: ? Cato, ?, ? Barbello, ?, Me, ? Sutterlin.
The equipment from front to back: O6, O11B.


chanut13.jpg (25837 bytes)Everything spotless.
Equipment from front to rear: O6, P12, P2, O11B



chanut14.jpg (44218 bytes)The AF's finest!!
Front to back: ? Felix, Ron(?) Karvi, Me, ? Lewis, ?, ? (Bish) Bishop.
I cannot remember the rest. If you are or recognize any of these guys, please give me a shout.

chanut15.jpg (29738 bytes)Last but not least, the Smokehouse. This is where we practiced all of our ladder and hose evolutions, ropes, ventilation, rescue, and interior attack. This place also separated the men from the boys. If rummaging around a totally smoke-filled building on your belly, blind, hauling around 150 lbs. of dead-weight (rescue manikin),  while wearing about 75 lbs. of equipment, this was not the place for you.

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Sunday, September 10, 2000

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