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In 1991 some 1,000 Chassidic Rabbis authored a formal Jewish Religious Legal Proclamation. It states that Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson (pictured above) is presumed with assurance* to be Judaism's King Messiah.

* "presumed with assurance"  is a Jewish Religious Legal term. It conveys a  high level of pre-understood certainty as in a US Presidential candidate being designated as President elect upon winning the electoral college vote.
Did Rabbi Schneerson identify himself as Judaism's King Messiah?

Yes, he did! See    here.

For the sceptics and scoffers who ask "What possible proof do you have of this being even remotely true or possible?" is this website dedicated. The King Messiah Event originates in Judaism. The world has been grossly mis-educated about Judaism's King Messiah Event via Christianity's misportrayal of it.

That Rabbi M.M. Schneerson was a Proven Prophet is clearly visible from what shortly follows below on this page and elsewhere at this website.

That Rabbi M.M. Schneerson was and is presently (in spite of his reported "passing" in 1994) Judaism's and mankind's one and only King Messiah, Final Redeemer, and the one who will imminently reappear and usher in the End of Days and the Messianic Era forecasted throughout the Jewish Book of Prophets is authoritatively explained in clear and logical language in the many articles that await you here.

There is more....much more!... afoot in past, recent and present world events than first meets the eye. Since 1840 Orthodox Jewish Bible scholars have been aware that world events were (then) and are (now) fullfilling Messianic Era Prophecies found in Sacred Jewish Teachings. The return of the Jews to the Holy Land, the Gulf War, global terrorism and the WTC disaster...all have references in Judaic Holy Literature. To give you an idea of just how precise this "Jewish Biblical lock-on" is to world events...one Sacred Jewish Literature Source uses the Hebrew, (plural ending) word "Taliban-eem."

Regarding Rabbi Schneerson being a proven Prophet...please ponder this:-

Two days after a ceasefire had already been declared by President Bush (41) regarding the Gulf War of 1991 Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson publicly stated :-

"...may G-d grant that country [America] success in its war against Basra [Iraq] and may we soon merit the fulfillment of the Prophecy, "Who is that coming in soiled garments from Basra?" with the coming of [the Final] Redemption."

It therefore is blatantly obvious  from the immediate above citation that this present 2nd war against Iraq... in 2003... was foreseen via Prophecy by Rabbi Schneerson in 1991...and furthermore this 2nd Iraqi war is demonstrably  the historic benchmark heralding the imminent Final Redemption of world Jewry and all of mankind. How and why so?

1) Because Isaiah 63 from whence Rabbi Schneerson quoted (above in white text) is specifically about The Final Redemption, Divine Intervention and End of Days...as is Isaiah 34. Both Isaiah chapters specifically  mention Basra, [Iraq].

2) Jeremiah 29:10 specifically states that when Babylon [Iraq] reaches its 70th year of [independent] existence [i.e.October 3, 2002] then at that time the Final Redemption is initiated by God.

Recent world events and how they fulfill Jewish Messianic Prophecies with exact and awesome precision are explained herein. They will clearly show you that we have an unfolding world situation that will ultimately dwarf all previous human history. Click enter below and start learning.

Rabbi Moshe Yess
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