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Tooth Fairies And Suicide Bombers


"Hi, my name is Abdula.  I'll be your suicide bomber this evening ..."
by Carol A. Valentine
Curator, Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum
Copyright, May, 2002
May be reproduced for non-commercial purposes.

May 9, 2002 — People, let's use our noggins.  The suicide bombers are not what they seem to be. 

For many months now, I have been reading stories in the Washington Post and the Washington Times about alleged "suicide bombers."  Within a short time after the attack, not only is the suicide bomber identified by name, but we have nice colored photos, almost portrait quality shots, of the dead culprits.

For example, on April 27, 2002, the Washington Post ran an article in the Style section, "Female Suicide Bombers: the New Factor in Mideast's Deadly Equation."  Shown at the top of the article are four color photos of the faces of four Palestinian (?) women, face to the camera, posed for the photographer. 

How thoughtful of the suicide bombers to have those photos taken.  How thoughtful of the suicide bombers to leave the photos behind to be conveniently found by the Zionist-owned press.  And what a public service the Zionist-owned press is doing the whole world by publishing these photos. 


Typically, stories about suicide bombers tell us that the bomber went to a public place such as a bus stop, market,  restaurant, pool hall, etc., and blew himself/herself up along with one, two, or many Israelis.

Funny, they rarely hit military targets.  I wonder why?

The general story line is that the bomber had explosives attached to his/her person.  The story goes on to describe the carnage in grisly detail — dismembered bodies, etc.  But, remarkably, the suicide bomber himself/herself is not blown to smithereens.  The bomber's body is left in sufficiently good shape to be identified immediately, and of course the Israeli authorities do just that.

But even more remarkable: The Israelis come up with these nice portraits of the culprits.  And what is  most remarkable of all?  Everything is coordinated, bombers ID'd, photos gathered, stories written — and published all over the world by the Zionist press — within a few hours or days after the event.


Why would a Palestinian bent on vengeance commit suicide?  Far better to go to the bus stop, market, restaurant, pool hall, etc., with a shopping bag or backpack full of explosives, casually discard the package in some inconspicuous place, and leave.  BOOM!  Lots of Israelis die, and the bomber walks away to bomb another location next week.  But no, we are asked to believe that the suicide bombers blow THEMSELVES up, too.   

"Why would the bombers do that?"  we ask.  "Because they are fanatics, that's why," is the response.

Well, if you are a Palestinian fanatic you would surely would want to kill as many Israelis as possible.  You would want to extend your life as long as possible to do that job.  Committing suicide unnecessarily would be a very dumb thing to do.


In all the years of IRA activity in Northern Ireland and Britain, the IRA never used suicide bombers, did they?  Wonder why the "Palestinians" have to?


There's another variation to these inane suicide bomber stories. 

"The suicide bombers are not just fanatics, they are MUSLIM fanatics.  Allah will reward them for their deeds.  They want to go to heaven to be rewarded."

Yet I have NEVER seen one cite from the Qur'an that justifies suicide, under any conditions.  Quite the reverse.  I have seen cites from the Qur'an which clearly prohibit suicide.

Now doubtless there are passages in the Qur'an saying eternal bliss will be endowed upon those brave souls who lose their lives while fighting God's war.  Big deal.  We have chaplains in the US military who, give or take, give our soldiers the same kind of message.  That's their job. 

If the Israelis want us to believe that the suicide bombers are fanatic Muslims, they need to come up with Qur'anic scriptures to prove their point.  They don't.  They can't.  The Israelis are lying.  What else is new?


The Palestinian suicide bombers have been compared to the Japanese Kamikazee pilots who purposely flew their bomb-laden planes into American war ships at sea during world War II.

The Japanese knew they were in danger of losing the war, and they wanted to reverse the trend.  So they arrived at a strategy which would inflict maximum American damage for minimum Japanese damage.  The Kamikazee strategy was very successful.  For each Japanese killed, 10 Americans were killed and many ships were sunk or badly damaged.  Unfortunately for the Japanese, the Kamikazee strategy was not successful enough.  The US had the A-bomb.

The Kamikazee pilots' purpose was not to commit suicide.  Their deaths were the necessary by-product of a heroic attempt to defeat a military enemy, an enemy who threatened the life of the Emperor, their God.  Of course the Kamikazee pilots thought they'd go to Heaven, too, but that seems to be a common denominator for all who fight in the Good War.


And what of the Hamas, claiming responsibility for these suicide bombings?  The reports that the Hamas takes responsibility comes from the Israelis, and we know they never lie.

There is almost no chance the Hamas is a real Palestinian operation.  It almost certainly is an undercover Israeli mockingbird operation. 

Note of Semptember 28, 2004: For an example of false Islmaic terrorist operations, consider a recent case in France.  A Jewish community center was set ablaze, and "the attackers daubed swastikas in red ink on two refrigerators and badly spelled anti-Semitic slogans such as, 'Without Jews we would be happy,' and 'The world would be pure if there no more Jews,' according to police and a rabbi at the synagogue."  (According to AFP)

True to form, an Islamic terrorist group claimed credit for the fire.  "The statement posted on the Internet in the name of the Jamaat Ansaw Al-Jihad al Islamiya (Group of the Holy Islamic War Supporters) said the attack was 'in response to racist acts by Jews in France against Islam and the Muslims' and 'as a simple response to the racist and savage acts by Jews in Muslim countries like Palestine.'" The governments of France and Israel condemned the act.  Convincing, isn't it?  But here is a revealing history of headlines:

August 23, 2004
By: ICEJ News

August 31, 2004
By: ICEJ News

Craig S. Smith NYT
Tuesday, August 31, 2004

One week after the blaze, French police learned that the fire and vandalism were the work of a "homeless, mentally unstable" Jewish man who had attended the center.

OK, these things happen.  And when nerves are tense, people make mistakes.  But who invented the Arabic terrorist group and wrote the web page that claimed responsibility?  Probably not the "homeless, mentally unstable" Jewish man.

Before me on my desk are two color photos of — can you believe — students who attend "suicide bomber" schools.  The schools are run by either the Hamas, or Hamas "sympathizers."

One dramatic front page color photo appeared in the Washington Times of December 10, 2001 with this caption:

Ready to Die: At an anti-Israeli demonstration commemorating Hamas's 14th anniversary yesterday, suicide bombers with fake dynamite strapped to their chests paraded near the southern Lebanese city of Sidon.

The photo is attributed to Associated Press, and shows at least 10 people, whose faces and bodies are entirely covered by white sheeting, facing the camera.

Another dramatic front page color photo appeared in the Washington Times on March 4, 2002.  The caption reads:

"Hamas activists, dressed as 'suicide bombers' with fake explosives strapped to their waists, rallied yesterday in the West Bank."

There are at least 11 white-garbed clowns in this photo, which is again attributed to Associated Press.  Like these (with thanks to Ascertain the Truth for preserving this archive):

  1. From

  2. From

  3. From

  4. From

  5. From

  6. From

  7. From

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  9. From

  10. From

  11. From

Juxtaposed beneath the photo of the suicide bomber students is a photo of four young Israelis, two of them boys dressed in black with black hats and side curls.  The boys wear mournful expressions on their faces.  The caption reads: "Blast site: Ultra-Orthodox Jews watched volunteers clean the Jerusalem site Sunday where a suicide bomber killed nine persons."

"Gee, how sweet and nice those young boys look.  Fancy having to put up with suicide bombers …" -- That's what we are supposed to think. 

Israel has declared on many occasions that assassination is its official policy.  How many times have we heard of Palestinian leaders summarily shot dead on the spot by Israeli hit men?  That being the case, how realistic is it that the Israelis would permit these young "suicide bombers" to train openly, and march down the street openly?  How likely do you think it is that Israel would permit REAL suicide bomber schools to exist? 

And how do you think that Associated Press found out about the demonstrations and showed up to take photos?  Next we'll be told the suicide bomber schools have public relations departments and send out press releases. 

How dumb do they think we are, that we'd believe all this?  Well, you can speak for yourself.  But I ain't THAT dumb.


I believe Israel runs a suicide bomber campaign.  The suicide bomber campaign serves at least four purposes.

* Sharon the Madman needs an insane foe.  An insane foe makes Sharon and those behind him look good, or at least not so bad.

* In May, 2001, world public opinion was moved to sympathy for the Palestinian cause.  We were  enchanted at "The Return of the Knight."

The heroism of this young Palestinian boy swept the world's imagination.  Obviously, the Israelis were losing the PR war.  Shortly thereafter, a new rash of suicide bombers broke out and continues to this day.  The suicide bomber campaign was in part an attempt to reverse a growing Israeli PR disaster.

* By September 11, 2001, Muslim fanatics committing suicide had to be firmly planted in the public mind as a common-place event.  That paradigm made the fantastic stories of the "suicide pilots" — those Muslims accused of crashing the United and American passenger jets into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 9-11 — easier to swallow.

* Depicting the Palestinians are irrational fanatics justifies their extermination.  Proof?

This from the mouth of Richard Cohen, columnist for the Washington Post.   On February 5, 2002, Cohen wrote a column "Why the Turn to Suicide?"

NEW YORK — On my first visit to Israel, the government supplied me with a guide — a former army officer and combat veteran renowned for his hawkish views.  We disagreed about almost everything, including the nature of the "enemy."  I found his views simplistic and repulsive.  Recently, though, I have begun to wonder if he wasn't right ...

Cohen then moves on to talk about suicide bombers.

It [Palestine] is now behaving as the Japanese did toward the end of World War II when, in desperation, they sent pilots crashing into U.S. ships.  These kamikaze attacks were both effective and terrifying, but they were also a clear sign that Japan had gone nuts.
The kamikaze attacks were an important element in the dehumanizing of Japan.  They encouraged, maybe the right word is "permitted," the use of the atomic bomb.  After all, the enemy was not rational.  It was barbaric.  It would never surrender.  It would fight to the last square inch.  Better to incinerate them all.
In a similar manner, suicide bombings have transformed the image of Palestinians.  Now, in the view of many, they are similar to the people my guide once so excoriated and insulted — so different, so primitive, so cruel and indifferent to human life that they celebrate the suicide of a loved one and the simultaneous murder of innocent people.

There you have it.  The PR payoff of the suicide bomber campaign is to convince world public opinion that any barbaric act against the Palestinians is justified.  Nuke them, burn them alive, decapitate every last man, woman, and child.  Do whatever you wish. 


If I were the director of an Israeli dirty trick intelligence organization, I could think of a number of ways to pull off "suicide" bombings.

  • Send an agent to a public place, have him inconspicuously drop off his package and leave.   BOOM!   Meanwhile, simply abduct and murder some unfortunate Palestinian and blame it on him or her. 
  • Create a false ID for the Israeli agent, have him establish that persona in real time, send him into a public place, have him inconspicuously drop off his package and leave.  BOOM!  Then disappear the agent. 
  • With effective Israeli control of hospitals, mental hospitals, and prisons, Israeli intelligence people have a plentiful supply of the walking wounded at their fingertips — Palestinians who are human ruins, shellshocked, brain-damaged and drugged to the gills.  How easy it would be to send one of these unknowing unfortunates out on an errand.  "Here, strap this money belt around your middle to make sure you don't lose the money."  Tell the poor sap to meet someone in a pool hall, and detonate the "money belt."  BOOM!

I'll allow you to come up with other possible scenarios.  It's not hard to do.

And as for the interviews with the bereaved family members — we don't know the people being interviewed from Adam.  They could have come straight from Central Casting.  Or they could be genuinely bereaved family members of real victims — people who have been watching too much Tee Vee and believe the "suicide bomber" media campaign.

Expect more "suicide" bombings, but believe them less.  Thank you.

[The article was revised on September 28, 2004.  Notes added as indicated.]

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