Don't Answer Survey Questions

by Carol A. Valentine
Curator, Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum
Copyright, April, 2000
May be reproduced for non-commercial purposes


Apirl 23, 2000 -- NBC just wrote to me to ask me my opinion about Elian.  My response to them
follows, below.

Warning:  Don't answer survey questions on Elian--or any other subject for that matter!  Don't answer them on the Internet, over the phone, on the street, or through the mail.

Survey questions are used to design more effective crowd control programs to manipulate emotions and create the appearance of consent for government policies and programs.   The surveyors also discover the public's "sweet spots" to architect events which are then presented as news stories, in
"Wag The Dog" fashion.

Do not be misled into answering  survey questions posed by such fake "alternate" press sources as,, drudge report, etc.   (If you don't believe they're fake, just look at what how they treat Waco!  They promote the McNulty/"new revelation" disinformation
line).  Boycott surveys conducted by the mainstream media outlets, too, of course.

Warn others about joining above-ground militias.  They are filled with informants and provocateurs.  I have information that the US hopes, by means of carrying out and publicizing the Elian raid, to drive many into these groups.

For more information on fake militias and fake militiamen, see "The Modern Militiaman" series and "A Resistance Rogue's Gallery" at Patrick Henry On Line:

Now for my exchange with NBC:

NBC e-mail

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>I'm covering the Elian Gonzalez story and would like to get your thoughts on
>what happened this weekend in Miami.
>E-mail..or via phone:
>Kerry Sanders
>        Because e-mail can be altered electronically,
>        the integrity of this communication cannot be guaranteed.

My response


I don't answer survey questions.  Why should I help you and yours design more effective lies for your crowd control programs?

You see, I know you are not really a reporter, and NBC is not really a news organization.  If you were an honest reporter working for a real news organizations, you would have told the American public the real story of Waco years ago: The moms and the kids were murdered with malice
aforethought.  Many were long since dead by April 19, 1993, and their bodies "laundered" to cover up the real time, cause, and circumstances of death.  Their bodies were selectively beheaded, incinerated, mutilated and blown apart ... a coverup of monumental proportions, Kerry.  You know about it, you have to know about it, because you are writing to me in my role of Curator of the Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum.  Yet you and yours keep silent about the big story.

Instead, you and yours chose to hype to the max the relatively insignificant story of a child rescued at sea.  From it, you have created a national crisis.  You and yours were part of a staged raid, and you and yours have circulated doctored photographs of the victim.

Many "news events" are actually incidents that have been carefully crafted for one purpose: To mold public attitudes and emotions and engineer consent for public policy.

German sociologist Ferdinand Tonnies has said that the press could shape and control public discourse in ways that surpassed even the coercive powers of the state  (see PR! The Social History of Spin, Stuart Ewen, Basic Books, 1996, pgs. 70-71).  Tonnies said that the newspaper has become
an unprecedented machinery for the manufacture and marketing of public opinion, a channel though which a particular faction could "present its own will as the rational general will."

Which faction do you work for, Kerry?  Put another way:  If the Davidian moms and kids had been Jewish instead of Gentile, would their slaughter and the desecration of their bodies be of interest to you?

Since you and yours are not interested in the real news the Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum brings the public, you must be writing to me with another purpose.  In fact you state your purpose: You want to find out what I think of this weekend's staged events.

Well, I'm not going to help you wag the dog.  I won't answer your survey question.  I won't help you design more effective crowd control programs.

You can punt, Kerry.  You can punt.

PS.  I see, above, you say: "Because e-mail can be altered electronically, the integrity of this communication cannot be guaranteed." NBC worries about integrity of communications? What a joke!

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