Jews To Snatch Hard Drives In Canada

November 28, 1998 -- Well, all right. It's the "Canadian" authorities who will do the actual work for Jews. But snatch hard drives they will, just to stop the truth about the holocaust from getting out.

We have been told that Jewish grandmas and grandpas were turned into lampshades by the Germans during WW II. Now we discover the news is not true. Don't you feel an enormous burden taken from the soul of humanity? Do you regard that good news as " hateful"?

It takes an odd mind to regard GOOD NEWS as "HATE." An odd mind, or a larcenous mind . . .

Remember, the Zionists and Israel have made hundreds of billions off reparations and other payments, all based the story that Hitler had a mass extermination program for Jews and actually murdered six million of them.

If too many people found out the story was not true, future payments might stop. Some folks might even want their money back.

Perish the thought. Organized Jewry would rather impose world wide censorship and political oppression than admit they were caught telling whoppers. They'd rather not reach into their pockets to give back the ill gotten gain, either.

That's too bad, because most of us, whether actually Christian or not, have enough Christian charity to forgive them, provided they hand back the money and say they are sorry.

Instead, organized Jewry introduces legislation in Canada which would authorize jackboots to come into Canadian homes to tear out the hard drives from computers containing holocaust revisionist material. Canadians would be well advised to get software such as WEB BUDDY for Macintosh or WEB BUDDY for Windows:

or similar software and start downloading holocaust revisionists web sites. Make multiple copies of each site on removable drives, then store them off premises. Your next step is to use a utility program to wipe the disk clean of traces. When the jackboots come by, boy, will they be embarrassed!

(URLS of some suggested revisionist sites will be found near the signature line at the bottom.)

 Now here is news of the upcoming hard drive seizure:


Visit and download these Revisionists websites, and visit and download their links:

Ingrid Rimland's Zundelsite

Committee for the Open Discussion of the Holocaust

David Irving's Campaign for Real History

Institute for Historical Review

Homepage of Arthur R. Butz, author of "Hoax of the Twentieth Century"

Michael Hoffman's Campaign for Radical Truth in History

The Gas Chambers of Sherlock Holmes


Carol A. Valentine
President, Public Action, Inc.

Have you seen the Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum?
See what they did to the mothers and children--

"In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."