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The Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum was assembled and maintained entirely with private funds.  No cash donations have been solicited or accepted.  This being the information age, however, some have done more to further the success of the Museum than ever money could achieve.  In this respect, the Museum acknowledges the many hundreds of sponsors who have worked to publicize the Museum.  Many such are unknown.  Some of the known are remembered below, though they or their internet presence may no longer be with us.

  1. Linda Thompson (later known as Linda Abrams)
  2. Andrew X98 (The Watchman)
  3. Desert Storm War Crimes Commission
  4. Ukrainian Archive
  5. Brasscheck
  6. Ol Dan Tucker
  7. National Journal
  9. Seventh Seal
  10. Real History Archives
  11. Serendipity
  12. Firearms and Liberty
  13. Republic of Texas
  14. Loren L. Johns
  15. Committee for the Open Discussion of the Holocaust
  16. Research on Criminal Government
  17. Bigots With Badges
  18. DC Dave
  19. Siege of the Sweeney Family
  20. The Home Page of J. Orlin Grabbe
  21. William Blum's The American Holocaust
  22. Peace Park
  23. Michael J. Schneider
  24. The Rebellion Boys
  25. Parents Against Corruption and Coverup
  26. Home Page
  27. Carl Klang
  28. Tangent Home Page
  29. The Green Party of New Jersey
  30. The Institute for New Energy
  31. The Progressive Review On-Line Report
  32. The Other Side of the News
  33. Idaho Observer
  34. Patrick Henry On-Line
  35. Conspiracy Nation
  36. Technology Management, Inc.
  37. The Injustice Line
  38. Raeto West's Internet Site
  39. House of Burgesses
  40. The P.A.T.R.I.C.K. Crusade
  42. Communique News Network
  43. The Jeff Davis Show
  44. Government & Law
  45. Henry Sturcke: Das Jahr 2000 und das Ende der Welt im Internet
  46. Forensics - Mystery Books Net Links
  47. John Edward Hurley's Confederate Memorial Association
  48. The Devil's Advocate
  49. Slade Farney's Forbidden and Dangerous Thinking
  50. Brood of Vipers
  51. The Home Page of Joe Cesarone
  52. Windy City Community Online Museums
  53. American Academy of Religion
  54. Larry Mulcahy's Home Page
  55. Professor Chico's Web Stuff
  56. Ethics in Massachusetts State Government
  57. Save The Babies!
  58. God And Country
  59. Christian Bible Study
  60. The Winds
  61. Regmeister
  62. Federation of American Scientists
  63. Rebellion
  64. Final Conflict
  65. Freedom Page
  66. American Coalition of Third Positionists
  67. Yggdrasil's Library
  68. Real Survivalists
  69. Dick G's Website
  70. FindLaw Investigations - Waco
  71. Web Alaska
  72. Trionfo Publishing
  73. James Crispino of Glenville, NY
  74. Z Publishing