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Summary and Comment: The autopsy report states:

Other than the mention, the autopsists apparently found the circumstance of a missing head unremarkable, and do not suggest decapitation as a possible the cause of death.  Nevertheless, the design on the underwear is noted twice with nation of manufacture, style, and color, the hook fasteners on the brassiere were counted, and all the other items of clothing are noted with meticulous care.  Scalp hair was collected from the remains despite the absence of head and neck.

The autopsy does not include an estimate of the time of death.

II. The FBI's October 8, 1993 Report to the Deputy Attorney General on the Events at Waco, Texas (cached)

The DOJ Report contains separate entries for the identified Rosemary Morrison and the unidentified "Doe 75."  This is at variance with the Autopsy Report and the Inquest Certificate, which identify "MC Doe 75" as Rosemary Morrison.  The DOJ Report states:

Summary and Comment: Note that the cause of death for Rosemary is different from that of MC Doe 75, as though the Report were citing to two different autopsies.  However, the DOJ Report does not indicate which numbered cadaver was identified with Rosemary Morrison.

These errors strongly imply that the causes of death and identities of the victims were not a primary interest in the composition of the Report, or that the driving interest was something other than the truth.

Summary and Comment: The Inquest Certificate states:

The Certificate does not explain why the inquest rejected the cause of death determined in the autopsy.

None of the documents explain why:

None of those documents show any curiosity about the missing head or the advanced state of decomposition.

Bone chart and medical glossary available on line.
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