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Summary and Comment:

The autopsy does not include an estimate of the time of death.

II. The FBI's October 8, 1993 Report to the Deputy Attorney General on the Events at Waco, Texas states: (cached)

Summary and Comment: The news media and government reports asserted many times that the Davidians shot each other and/or themselves, as is implied here by the words "close range entry."  The FBI does not mention that the site of the bullet wound was the top of the skull, which is almost unique in the history of executions and suicides.

Summary and Comment: The Inquest Certificate states:

By so ruling, the Justice of the Peace indicated he believed Winston was killed by the government agents rather than by other Davidians, despite the apparent powder burns on the wounds.

Bone chart and medical glossary available on line.
Anomalies in the Forensic Process may also be helpful.