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Summary and Comment: The autopsy report states:

II. The FBI's October 8, 1993 Report to the Deputy Attorney General on the Events at Waco, Texas (cached)

The DOJ Report states:

Summary and Comment: The autopsy tells a completely different story: Jaydean died of bullets entering the top of her skull during the initial February 28 assault.  We can well understand why the FBI would alter this fact.  Unless Jaydean were struck by a bullet when she was leaning over to tie her shoe, her autopsy is additional evidence that armed helicopter fired into the roof of Mt. Carmel from above, as witnesses have repeatedly affirmed.

This alteration of fact by the FBI may be understood as an institutional form of confession.

Summary and Comment: The Inquest Certificate states:

Bone chart and medical glossary available on line.
Anomalies in the Forensic Process may also be helpful.