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Summary and Comment: The autopsy report states:

The wound is not consistent with the marksmanship of Bible students shooting madly in the heat of combat. 

Instead, the wound appears to be an expertly placed bullet aimed to pass through the center of the brain, causing instant and certain fatality — as few but a professional sniper could inflict.  The bullet did extensive fatal damage that could not be mitigated in the world's best trauma unit, even if it were already on the scene.

No bullet or fragment was recovered from the remains, making identification of the weapon (and hence the shooter) impossible from the autopsy alone.  The lack of bullet fragments suggests a jacketed bullet, the kind required by the Vienna Conventions on war; jacketed bullets are not generally used by sportsmen.

Note that the states, "Weapon Gun; Unknown type" without citing the caliber identified in the autopsy. Further, it states, "Offender: Committed suicide" without identifying the offender or noting that surviving Davidians were tried and convicted for the deaths of the ATF agents.

Bone chart and medical glossary available on line.
Anomalies in the Forensic Process may also be helpful.