"I Don't Want To Learn How
To Land The Plane, Just
How To Steer!"

by Jim Condit, Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
 Director, Network America Ewire List
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July 20, 2002 -- NA (Network America) e-wire.

"I Don't Want to Learn How To Land The Plane, Just How To Steer!"
Remember that Big Lie? As soon as the 9-11 terror attacks were pulled off, the Five Big TV Networks, -- acting in concert, of course, as always -- were filled with "news" reports about how those bad Muslim hijackers, who were "trained" at those interesting flight schools, had said to their American instructors (paraphrase):
"Hey, man, I don't need to know how to take off or land the plane, -- just teach me how to steer once I'm up there flying!"
It is quite a challenge to know where to start in explicating how terminally STUPID and IMPLAUSIBLE this part of the Big Media concocted 9-11 COVER story is.

In this Network America e-wire, we are about to present the testimony of an official of the W. Bush administration, Mr. Norman Mineta, Secretary of Transportation, as given before the Senate Commerce Committee on May 21, 2002. This testimony states that the only living member of the alleged 9-11 hi-jacker crew, Zacarias Mossaoui, never said any such thing to flight school instructors about not wanting to learn how to land the plane or take off. (Mossaoui is the guy taken into custody about 8 days before 9-11-2001, and who is now on show trial in Washington D.C. ) But first ---

If you were one of the flight school instructors and someone said that to you, what would you do? I'll tell you what I would do. I would step behind closed doors with my colleagues, and say,
"We have some crazy men on our hands here. We can never entrust them with a plane, and there is no sense in letting them pay us any money to teach them how to fly. If they don't want to know how to land or take off, then they are crazy . . ." 
I don't think I would have thought about a grand scheme if the comments are too crazy.

And another thing -- why would the alleged hi-jackers come to the United States to learn how to fly, when they could easily have inconspicuously taken lessons in Saudi Arabia, or somewhere in the Arab world? OF COURSE, if they had done that, then there would be no obscure U.S. based flight school instructors to talk about "they didn't want to know how to land or take off" comments, and no way to plant such "damning evidence" in the collective American mind on the way to whipping up a hysteria in support of World War III and marital law.

But -- now --  BUT NOW -- we have testimony from W. Bush's Secretary of Transportation, Norman Mineta, that the one and only "9-11" co-conspirator left alive, -- the only "conspirator" that has been alive since those stories were aired by Big Media after 9-11 -- Zacarias Mossaoui, -- never said anything about wanting only to learn how to steer while flying, but not wanting to learn how to take off or land.

The astounding comments of Mr. Norman Mineta (not to be confused with Clinton's lackey, Leon Paneta) were quoted in the New York Times May 22, 2002 edition, which covered Mineta's testimony before the Senate Commerce Committee on the previous day:
"Mr. Mossaoui was turned in by his flight school in Minnesota because of suspicious behavior, but Mr. Mineta said today that it was not true that Mr. Mossaoui told his instructors, as has been widely reported, that he was only interested in learning to maneuver a Boeing 747 and not in how to land one. Mr. Mossaoui did want to learn to land the plane, Mr. Mineta said."
We are indebted to the American Free Press of June 3, 2002 for calling this information buried in the New York Times to the patriot community's attention.  Let's hear from Michael Collins Piper, the author of the AFP article:
"Although Mossaoui, under indictment for purported conspiracy in the 9-11 attacks, never made such a statement, the report that he made such a statement essentially convicted Mossaoui in the public eye and certainly tainted any possible jury pool, who will probably never read the paragraph buried in the Times."
Sooooooo . . . . here is another example of Zionist-Jew collusion at the 5 Big TV Networks to abuse America and try to warp our destiny. This false story was planted to put a KEY false memory about 9-11 in the collective American mind. Hundreds of millions of Americans shook their head in disgust as they absorbed and were deceived by this Zionist-Jew lie.

Let's pause here to contemplate the brain-washing value of this vicious lie. A key technique of brainwashing is to get the targeted victim to accept TWO CONTRADICTORY IDEAS at the same time. When a person accepts TWO CONTRADICTORY IDEAS AT THE SAME TIME, his mind begins to break down, and he is easily manipulated.

Example: abortion is the murder of an unborn child, but anyone who uses force to stop the doctor from killing the unborn child is an immoral terrorist.

This dual-mind proposition has been one of several used to destroy the Right to Life movement, which on the whole, for many years now, has been a pathetic joke, or, better said, an arm of the pro-abortion movement in the political arena.

So, while all Americans would applaud someone who used a gun to shoot and stop a murderer who was systematically shooting and killing grade school children playing in a schoolyard (I can hear it now, "Thank God! For such a hero!"), the National Right to Life Committee has trained its people to condemn and be horrified if someone like Paul Hill shoots and stops an abortionist while on his way to murder -- by abortion -- 32 unborn babies.

This is in fact what Paul Hill did in Florida in July, 1994, when he shot and killed Dr. John Barnyard Britton as Britton was making his weekly entrance into his Pensacola abortion chamber to murder, that week, in cold blood, 32 pre-born children. (Most of those unborn children undoubtedly lived another day or so, which may be a long time to unborn children; some mothers undoubtedly felt God was sending them a message, and decided to allow their unborn child to live and grow up. Incidentally, the next week, some furtive little abortionist
doctor from New York came into Pensacola wearing headgear and body armor on his way to do some murders of little unborn infants, -- which is how abortionists should have to walk around in the United States of America. But I digress.)

But if you think about it long enough, you will see that you can't simultaneously believe that abortion is the murder of an unborn child, and that it is wrong to use force to stop a terrorist doctor who's about to kill one or more of those infants.

Let's give another example, this one a dual-mind concept held by perhaps the most brain washed of all people on earth, pro-modern-Israel fundamentalist Christians: On the one hand they believe that Jesus Christ is the Savior, the Way, the Truth, and the Life exclusively, --
and on the other hand they believe that they must support, without qualification or question, any crime, no matter how horrific or vile, that the modern mini-state called Israel, -- (which state categorically rejects Jesus Christ in toto), -- wishes to commit. Now THAT is
brainwashed! Their brains are breaking down, or in complete collapse. Shame on self-styled Christians who betray Christ and basic morality in that way.

And now back to the 9-11 Cover Story and the dual-mind concept involved in the Mossouai case and that of the other accused 9-11 hijackers.

On the one hand we are asked to believe that these Muslim hijackers are so clever that they could outwit the entire US air defense system, so as to pull off operations with hi-jacked planes for almost 100 minutes without the US government being able to respond to their diabolical cleverness. On the other hand, we are asked to believe that the key suicide pilots were so abysmally stupid that they yukked into the flight schools in the USA and said that they wanted to learn to steer the plane once in the air, but didn't want to learn how to take off or land!!!!

Now that is STUPID. That is NOT the way diabolically clever operatives act. So which is it? Now, thanks to W. Bush cabinet member Norman Mineta, we know: the alleged hijackers didn't say it.

IDEAS: The Muslims hijackers were diabolically clever operatives AND they told their flight school instructors that they didn't want to know how to take off or land the plane, just how to steer the plane once in the air.

Let's think about the absurdity of this last statement for one more minute. Are we to believe that the flight instructors at these schools took the plane into the air, changed seats with the Muslims so as to let them learn how to steer in the air, and then changed seats again when it
came time to land the plane? OR, did they force the Muslims to learn things they didn't want to know? Stupid, stupid, stupid, the whole line of hogwash is unbelievable stupid.

HOWEVER, the mind manipulators at ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and FOX donut care if a few thousand of us figure out how absurd their conflicting COVER stories are. What they care about is that they effectively plant FALSE MEMORIES in the minds of 99% of the 280 million Americans they still unfortunately influence.

Think on these things. We are ripe to be fooled by these same 5 Big TV Networks and lied right into World War III abroad and martial law here at home. Maybe World War III here at home, too, if things get out of hand.

Circa 1492, the top Jews in Spain had wormed their way into high positions of Church and State by pretending to be Christians. These marrano Jews, as they were called, were working with the Muslims across the strait of Gibraltar to overthrow Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand, and turn a Christian country into a Moslem country. The great Queen Isabella reacted in time and instituted the Spanish Inquisition, which was to inquire who were the marrano Jews (Jews pretending to be Christians) who were working in Church and in State to betray both. You can read accurate history about this period in the late William Thomas
Walsh's books, Characters of the Inquisition and Isabella of Spain: The Last Crusader.

The Spanish Inquisition was not a mad rampage where millions were killed indiscriminately, but a careful rooting out of traitors who were about to betray and perhaps destroy Spain first, and then Christian Europe.

And, thanks to the Spanish Inquisition, some relatively few of those traitors were identified, tried, convicted, and executed for their treason. What Queen Isabella had the courage to do -- saved Christian civilization for 500 years, and we are still coasting on her vigorous defense of Christian civilization. But the moment of truth is now at hand once again.

What America needs now --- is a good Inquisition.

Start with arresting (handcuffs, please! Off  and on camera!) Alan Greenspan and those manipulating our money, then the news executives at ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and FOX, then computer-elected Senator Charles Schumer, etc. etc. etc. . . . Make your own list.

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