How to Tour the Museum

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The Museum is constructed of a number of individual exhibit pages. Each exhibit discusses an aspect or incident of the Waco Holocaust, with links to the items of evidence under discussion and cross references to related or supporting material.

At the end of each exhibit, a link is provided to the next exhibit, enabling the visitor to proceed through the Museum in an orderly tour.

The exhibits are grouped into four Galleries:

War The assault and siege of the Mt. Carmel Center in Waco, Texas 
Fire The final day, April 19, 1993
Death Examination of the crime scene and autopsies 
Burial The attempts to bury the Waco holocaust

At the beginning of each Gallery is an introductory page summarizing the Gallery contents. From there, a Directory of Exhibits provides a whirlwind tour of the Gallery exhibits, and a pointer to the Catalogue of Evidence, from which the hundreds of documents, photographs, autopsies, and news clippings may be accessed.

The Galleries are arranged in the chronology of events, but the visitor may prefer to start with the Death Gallery because it contains evidence that has been given almost no public disclosure. Obviously the visitor can arrange his tour in any order.

A bird's eye view of the design of the Museum is available in the Site Map.

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