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Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum

Founded April 19, 1996
Version 4 (April 19, 2018)

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Twenty-five (25) years have passed since approximately 80 men, women, and children — all innocent before the law — were killed by United States paramilitary forces.

That is, these 80 (or so) innocents met their deaths without due process of law at the hands of a government that was designed to ensure due process of law.  They were forced to listen the to defamation of their religion, and were publicly tortured before military tanks broke into their home and their home was burnt to the ground.

Twenty-five years after the event, not one person responsible for the deaths has been indicted.  To our knowledge, not one person has even been professionally disciplined.

Is there such a thing as the "deep state"?  The Waco Holocaust was carried out under the Clinton Administration.  Since then, the Bush Administration, the Obama Administration, and now the Trump Administration, have done nothing to bring the lawless state to heel.

When learning about the Waco Holocaust, discretion is advised concerning the testimony of Davidian survivors.  According to government records released contemporaneously with the Waco Holocaust (Report of the Department of the Treasury on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Investigation of Vernon Wayne Howell Also Known as David Koresh), there were deep cover government agents living among the Davidians, pretending to be Davidians.  Those agents may be among the "Davidian survivors."

The Museum is seeking echo sites throughout the world.  See copyright notice in the Library.  The entire collection can be housed in approximately 20 Megabytes of disk space.  Download of the entire Museum to local platform is recommended for two reasons: First, some of the exhibits are large and will be more accessible on a local platform.  But more important, attempts may be made to suppress this web site.  Download by individuals, organizations, and echo sites will help to ensure the survival of this information and the continuance of the Museum project.  Please see the Library for downloading.


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The Galleries:

War Gallery I. WAR
Fire Gallery  II. FIRE
Death Gallery III. DEATH
Warning: graphic and shocking
Burial Gallery  IV. BURIAL

Museum Sponsors

The Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum was assembled and maintained entirely with private funds.  No cash donations have been solicited or accepted.  This being the information age, however, some have done more to further the success of the Museum than ever money could achieve.  In this respect, the Museum acknowledges the many hundreds of sponsors who have worked to publicize the Museum.  Many such are unknown.  Some of the known are listed below:

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In July, 2000 Links2Go awarded The Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum their Key Resource Award, placing the Museum in position 29 in popularity out of 49 holocaust museums evaluated

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