Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum:

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Downloads of the Museum have been provided for two reasons:

Some of the exhibits are large and will be more accessible on a local platform.  But more important, attempts may be made to suppress this web site.  Download by individuals, organizations, and echo sites will help to ensure the survival of this information and the continuance of the Museum project.  Echo sites off US soil are particularly welcomed.  For technical details, consult the Museum Download Page page.

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Many people who distrust the mainstream media have turned to alternate news sources, some of which are Internet based.  Unfortunately, many of these alternate sources of news simply promote an alternate series of lies.  These alternate lies are of course dressed up as "exposés."  But you can easily tell the phonies from the real thing.  The information in the Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum is an acid test.

Remember, since ancient times, inquiries into questionable deaths have started with the bodies of the victims.  If your news source won't give you an honest and full account of the forensic information on Waco, or if it does not have a link to the Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum ... your alternate news has failed a fundamental acid test.