Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy

Judge Charlie McCarthy presiding ... (Ventriloquist and comedian, Edgar Bergen (1903-1978), with his wooden puppet, Charlie McCarthy).

December 30, 1999—Hey, Wow!  They're finally doing something about Waco! That video showed how the government shot the Davidians as they were trying to escape the fire, and tough Davidian lawyers are suing the government because of what they did!

The judge is the same judge who was real mean to the Davidians back in 1994 and sent them to prison for 40 years, but don't worry, he is nice now—he had a change of heart!  Now he's going after the government, not the Davidians!

The FBI has admitted it lied about stuff.  Janet Reno and Louis Freeh are real ANGRY!  There are Congressional investigations, too, complete with turf battles!

The nation is coming together!  Folks are feeling sorry about what happened, and are helping the Davidians rebuild their church!  They've even had a ground breaking ceremony, with the American flag fluttering in the breeze! It was very nice!

Truth!  Justice!  The American Way!  Yes, indeed, it's all just around the corner!

*   *   *

Do you believe all this?  THEN YOU ARE A SUCKER.

The lawsuits and attendant media hoopla are part of a tawdry, choreographed vaudeville show designed to cover up the Waco Holocaust yet again.  The bad actors include Kirk Lyons, Ramsey Clark, Gordon Novel, Brigadier General Benton Partin, Michael Caddell, Michael McNulty, and Judge Walter Smith.

Before we get into details, allow us to pose a question. Imagine you are a surviving Branch Davidian or a family member of one of those killed.  Suppose you had voluminous, incontestable, publicly available evidence that members of your family and your friends were murdered with malice aforethought and their bodies desecrated in an attempt to cover up the crime.

Would you file a lawsuit claiming that your women folk and children (a) died by accident, (b) committed suicide, (c) were murdered by other Davidians?

Would you claim your dead friends and relatives set Mt. Carmel on fire?

Would you ask that Americans who had no part in the planning or performance of the murders pay millions of dollars to you while the murderers went free?

Would you take part in the falsification of history and consider your loved ones were in any way avenged?

Now you understand the Davidian civil suits.  They re-assert the government's most pernicious black propaganda against Davidians living and dead, make exotic claims against the US that are completely unsupported or supported by weak and contested evidence, and ignore the most powerful and convincing evidence against the US.

Table of Contents

1.  Judge Charlie McCarthy Presiding ...
2.  The Importance of Truth in Justice

3.  Kirk Lyons
    3a.  Startle Summers ... No Body to Speak Of ...
    3b.  It IS Aisha Summers.  (Please Don't Read the Autopsy Report.)
    3c.  Forget Lyons' "Death Squad." Aisha Suicided
    3d.  Lyons: Davidians Started the Fire

4.  Ramsey Clark
    4a.  Ramsey Clark Has Been Misunderstood
    4b.  Gordon Novel and the Body-Obliterating Bomb
    4c.  The Fireball and the Hole
    4d.  General Partin Goes Down in Flames
    4e.  Mrs. O'Leary's Cow Started the Fire
    4f.  Would You Trust a Spook to Investigate Waco?
    4g.  Koresh's Assassination: Too Bad Ramsey Missed It
    4h.  Do the Beasts of the Field Have Names?

5.  Judge Walter Smith, Perjury Facilitator
    5a.  None Dare Call it Collusion

6.  Michael Caddell and "The Network"
    6a.  The Ex-Mrs. Clive Doyle & the Doyle Grandchildren (?)
    6b.  The Ghostly Horde and the FLIR Tape
    6c.  Where Are FLIR Images of Fleeing Davidians?
    6d.  No Bodies in Back of Mt. Carmel Center
    6e.  McNulty and Friends
    6f.  Davidians Murdered Each Other
    6g.  Another Vanishing Body
    6h.  Koresh Molested Children
    6i.  The Incompetents vs. The Weirdos
    6j.  Blame it on Davidian Religion
    6k.  What's in a Name?
    6l.  Janet Reno Is a Nice Person, Really!
    6m.  Caddell: Davidians Started the Fire
    6n.  Rules of Engagement vs. Rule of Law

7.  Consent Engineers and the "Final Solution"
    7a.  Just How Stupid Are They?
    7b.  Collusion on Deaths of Mothers and Children
    7c.  The Script:  Judge Smith's July 1, 1999 Order
    7d.  Bogus Story of Gas Masks
    7e.  Stories of "Fire Survivors" Fall Apart
    7f.  Let the Dead Walk—Don't Block the Exits
    7g.  Opinion Surveys Will Tell Us Who Started Fire
    7h.  Surprise.  Judge Smith Likes the FLIR Tape
    7i.  Reenact Murder of the Ghostly Hoard
    7j.  Don't Fire Indiscriminately—Take Careful Aim
    7k.  Sealing of Waco Records
    7l. Free Davidian Prisoners
    7m.  Exit Bill of Rights.  Enter Rules of Engagement
    7n.  Happy Campers Come to "Closure"
RESULTS: The court Rejected Branch Davidian Claims. Appellants, some of the survivors and estates of Branch Davidians who died during the 1993 conflict at Mount Carmel near Waco, Texas, attempted to prove at trial that the United States government should be held liable under the Federal Tort Claims Act ("FTCA") for deaths and injuries of Branch Davidian sect members during the siege of their compound outside Waco, Texas on April 19, 1993. The court, after a month-long trial, rejected their case. The judgment was affirmed on appeal. See Open Jourist for more details.

The issue of "Davidian survivors" is fraught with questions, as told in these exhibits: