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This picture of the ambulance and armored personnel carrier at the Mt. Carmel Center was taken on February 28, 1993 and appeared in The Dallas Morning News the next day, March 1.  The caption does not say when the photograph was taken, but the presence of the ambulance and the APC together indicates the APC was on the scene before the emergency vehicle left with its load of casualties.


"If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's a duck."  Operation Trojan Horse--the code name for the Waco operation--was planned and executed from beginning to end as a military action, not a civilian action.

That is, from February 28, 1993 to the final day on April 19, 1993, "Operation Trojan Horse" was a military action conducted with military or quasi-military personnel using military equipment and serving a military purpose.

The Waco Tribune-Herald, March 1, 1993 also published a photograph of a military combat vehicle moving into Mt. Carmel on February 28, the day of the raid.

On April 21, two days after the inferno at the Mt. Carmel Center, an Air Force cargo plane transported the ATF agents from Waco.  Thus we see that the civilian law enforcement facade in the Waco action was thick in rhetoric but thin in fact; from beginning to end, the US military presence was dominant.

The words on the plane body tell it all.

Difference Between War and Law Enforcement

War and law enforcement have different goals.  The purpose of law enforcement is to enforce the law.  Alleged violators of the law are apprehended with only the force necessary to arrest and deliver them to the judicial system for trial.

The purpose of war, on the other hand, is the domination of the target.  The job of the war machine is to kill, to maim, and to destroy.  The war machine must also create terror to convince potential opponents to submit on command.  Therefore, the war machine must not only inflict maximum death and suffering on its victims, but must also broadcast its achievements to convince others to submit on command.

Such is the story of the attack on the Branch Davidians.

For reasons that are not clear at this time, a military and intelligence operation, with a civilian law enforcement facade, was planned against the Branch Davidians.  The complex details of the Davidians' history and lives were woven into this facade.  And the details and subplots serve to direct attention away from the fact that the attack and extermination of the Branch Davidians was essentially military.

Directory of Exhibits

The War Gallery is organized into exhibits, each dealing with a definable topic, designed for a sequential tour.  To make a sequential tour as simple as possible, each page includes a link to the next.

To explain the attack on the Davidians, we must introduce something known to very few Americans:

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