U.S. Senate vs. Melissa Morrison

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The United States Senate in session. (Photo by Pakistan Observer, Thursday, March 22, 2018)

This letter was sent to each of the 100 U.S. Senators.  It challenges them to stop covering for the FBI's mutilation/murder of Melissa Morrison and the other Davidian children.

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August 13, 2001

Re: Senate Hearings on Mutilation/Murder of Melissa Morrison

Dear Senator: 

The Senate claims it is now investigating the FBI, but you and your colleagues just talk about trifles.  You ignore the real outrages.  Do you think the American public doesn't notice?  If you want to investigate and clean up the FBI, hold hearings on the FBI's murder/mutilation of 8-year-old Melissa Morrison.  You may recall that Melissa Morrison was one of the unfortunate Davidian children "rescued" (read: murdered) by persons acting under the auspices of the FBI during the Waco Holocaust. 

We all know the FBI murdered Melissa and the other Davidian children.  How do we know this?  The standard police procedure is to assume homicide in a questionable and violent death -- but this was not done with the death of Melissa or those of her playmates.  Meanwhile, there is abundant physical and documentary evidence that murder was committed, and that the FBI committed the murders.  The FBI clearly had the motive (HATE), the means, and the opportunity.  During the siege, several FBI officials told the press they were considering using exactly this tool -- murder -- in order to end the siege (Dallas Morning News, April 15, 1993, "No Easy Answers," page 1).  And after the fire, the FBI moved rapidly to destroy what was left of the crime scene.   Moreover, NO DAVIDIAN HAS EVER BEEN CHARGED with Melissa's death or the deaths of the other Davidian children.

Senator, it doesn't get any clearer than this. 
Melissa Morrison Alive

Melissa Morrison before "rescue" by the FBI.

Melissa Morrison after "rescue" by the FBI.  Read Melissa's autopsy report.


Mutilated Before Or After Death?  Look at page 2 of Melissa's autopsy report.  You will see that the cause of death is "undetermined."   Now look at page 4 of the autopsy report and you will see that two of the FBI's top forensic experts, Dr. Douglas Ubelaker and Dr. Douglas Owsley of the Anthropology Department of the Smithsonian Institution, examined Melissa's body.  Curiously, they did not say a word about the mutilation of her body.  Enquiring minds want to know:  Was mutilation the cause of Melissa's death, or did her murderers mutilate her body after they killed her?  Forming professional opinions about these matters is the forensic experts' job.  Dr. Ubelaker has even written a popular book on forensic sleuthing:  Bones: A Forensic Detective's Casebook, (Edward Burlingame Books, 1992).  On page 239, Dr. Ubelaker recounts the steps he took in one case to determine the relationship between mutilation and time of death.  How curious that Drs. Ubelaker and Owsley did not give their professional opinion about Melissa's mutilation and death; surely they had one.  Please invite them to testify about Melissa's mutilation, under oath, at open and televised Senate Judiciary Committee hearings.

Dental Exam Done Despite Missing Head.  Look at Page 4 of Melissa's autopsy report.  A dental examination was performed on the corpse, despite the fact the corpse's head was missing.  Please ask Drs. Ubelaker and Owsley if, in their professional opinion, they recommend performing a dental exam on a corpse without a head.  Remember, they are the FBI's top forensic experts: They will be able to speak with great authority. 

Fingerprint Analysis Done Despite Absence of Fingers.  Look at Page 3 of Melissa's autopsy report.  Her fingers were not found with her corpse.  Yet the FBI's fingerprint lab, under the supervision of Danny W. Greathouse, did a fingerprint analysis anyway.  See Page 4.  Please call Mr. Greathouse to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Ask him why the FBI wanted a fingerprint analysis on an 8 year-old girl who lived in rural Texas with her mom, and also ask how he performed his fingerprint analysis on a corpse with no fingers. 

If Melissa had been a member of a Jewish community, do you think the cause of her death would still be "undetermined"?  Would her headless body have been given a dental exam?  Would her fingerless body been given a fingerprint analysis?  Would the Senate be so disinterested in the matter?  Would the Senate have permitted her murderers to remain on the government payroll eight years after the event? 

Now a word about the Senate FBI "investigation" so far: Senators complain about FBI computer glitches and petty travel voucher fraud.  They express concern that some FBI agents are not being treated fairly by their bureaucratic seniors, but then pretend to believe the Hanssen "spy" story.  Hanssen clearly was caught in an agency cabal and framed by his seniors -- easy enough to do to a counterespionage agent like Hanssen.  Hanssen's confession was coerced by threat of death and pauperization of his family.  Did you or any of your colleagues ever lift your voice against the DoJ Star Chamber? How concerned are you, really, about justice, even for FBI agents?

Don't try to distract the American public with the small stuff and more lies.  It is crystal clear, Senator.  Waco still burns, and Melissa Morrison was mutilated and murdered by the FBI.  Don't offer us Waco flim flam.  Forget the Danforth Report, the FLIR tapes, who-fired-first, who-fired-last, the phoney McNulty videos, the phoney civil law suits, etc., etc. 

I urge you to hold Sentate hearings on the death of Melissa Morrison right now.  End the eights years of cover-up.  I will be happy to assist you in any way I can.


Carol A. Valentine
Curator, Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum
President, Public Action, Inc.

P. S.  By the way, the Senate Judiciary Committee and Sen. Charles Grassley's office received the attached packages of information on July 27.  I personally handed this package to FBI Director Mueller on July 30 as he was on his way to his Senate confirmation hearing.   They know about Melissa Morrison, but I've not heard back from any of them yet ...

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Many people who distrust the mainstream media have turned to alternate news sources, some of which are Internet based.  Unfortunately, many of these alternate sources of news simply promote an alternate series of lies.  These alternate lies are of course dressed up as "exposés."  But you can easily tell the phonies from the real thing.  The information in the Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum is an acid test.

Remember, since ancient times, inquiries into questionable deaths have started with the bodies of the victims.  If your news source won't give you an honest and full account of the forensic information on Waco, or if it does not have a link to the Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum ... your alternate news has failed a fundamental acid test.