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In the fall of 1993, the National Association of Medical Examiners barred the public and media from their meetings on the Waco deaths "after deciding that exposing some information could hurt court cases against cult members …" (The Washington Times, September 11, 1993).

Any information pertinent to the times, causes, and manners of death by law should have been included in the Autopsy Reports of all Branch Davidians and ATF agents.  The Autopsy Reports are public records.

Yet we are now told that information relevant to the deaths at Waco was withheld from the public record, and would continue to be withheld from the public record.  How could the truth hurt the US government?

By now the circumstantial and physical evidence is overwhelming.  Ordinary citizens have been sent to the electric chair on less compelling evidence than we have seen here.  The medical examiners must know, as we must know, that the Branch Davidians were murdered by the US government.

It is clear that the coroners' professional associations was willing to suppress the truth in order to accommodate the US government in its murder of these people.  The National Association of Medical Examiners have identified themselves as accessories after the fact of the murder of the Branch Davidians.

The medical examiners and forensic experts who helped the US in the Waco Holocaust should be charged with misprision of felony and publicly tried.  The Special Operations, ATF, and FBI/HRT personnel involved should be indicted and tried for conspiracy to murder.  Over the cornice of the Supreme Court building are etched these words: "Equal Justice Under Law."  US citizens who draw their pay from tax monies do not have a right to murder other citizens.  Full penalties for the crimes should be imposed on government employees, including the death penalty.  (See Forensic Experts and the Law).

In Cover-ups, Politics, and Forensics we saw how civilian coroners and medical examiners played an integral part in helping the Argentinean military junta murder civilians.  Let us revisit what we learned:

Intelligence networks, and military and police death squads in Argentina rounded up citizens.  Many were tortured and murdered.  "In most cases … military or police squads delivered the bodies of their victims to municipal morgues, where the police surgeon gave them a brisk examination.  Many morgue workers were well aware of the atrocities committed around them.  Army trucks would arrive at morgues late at night, carrying bodies, often mutilated and bearing signs of torture.  Officers ordered the morgue workers not to perform autopsies and simply register the bodies as 'N.N.'  for 'no name.'  These were usually buried in unmarked graves …" (Joyce & Stover, pg. 224).

Have we come to this in the US?

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