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The War Gallery is organized into exhibits, each dealing with a definable topic, designed for a sequential tour.  To make a sequential tour as simple as possible, each page includes a link to the next.

If you have not read the Introduction to the War Gallery, you should do so now.  Most of these exhibits presume an understanding of the ideas on that page.

    To explain the attack on the Davidians, we must introduce something known to very few Americans:

  1. The New Military and the New Paradigm
  2. The Black Army
    • Operational Philosophy
    • Training Ruse
    • Mind Set of Secret Commandos
    • Murder and Torture of Civilians
    • The Making of a Commando
    • Lying and Secrecy — Standard Operating Procedure
    • Special Ops Commandos Wear Civilian Disguises
    • "Retired" from the Military
    • Smear Jobs and Character Assassination
    • Surprise — No Congressional Oversight
  3. A Death Cult Wears Black
    • The Night Stalkers Bring Death in the Dark
    • Body Mutilation and Drug Use
    • Body Laundering
  4. HRT—Rescue Team or Death Squad?
    • Melissa Morrison before the HRT
    • Melissa Morrison after the HRT
    • Peas in a Pod
    • Dirty Harry with a Vengeance

    Now back to our story

  5. The Stage
    • Where the Branch Davidians Lived
    • Aerial Photos of the Mt. Carmel Center
    • Dumb Diagrams of the Mt. Carmel Center (Diagrams)
    • Smart Diagrams of the Mt. Carmel Center (Diagrams)
    • Ham Radio Tower

    The script

  6. Psychological Operations and the Verbiage of War
    • Redefinition of Words
    • Everybody's Satan: How Political Opposition Was Neutralized

    The actors and the victims

  7. Trojan Horses and Branch Davidians
    • They called it "Operation Trojan Horse"
    • The Davidians — How Many, and Who?

    More actors

  8. The Soldiers — How Many, and Who?
    • Did Special Ops Take Part in February 28 Raid?

    The law enforcement facade

  9. The Pretext

    The agenda

  10. Waco: National Testbed Center
    • Purpose of National Response Plan
    • National Military/Police Take-over Plan
    • How the Plan Was Tested
    • Delta Force Founder on Hand to Critique
    • Military Occupation of Local College
    • And How Did the Test Come Off?
    • And the Tests Go On …
  11. Designed to Fail
    • Gulf of Tonkin Precedent
    • The Secret Raid That Lacked a Marching Band
    • That's Not Murphy's Law

    The action, February 28, 1993

  12. Who Struck John?
    • Not an Ambush
    • Blind Fire
    • Entry of Agents into Second Story Window
    • Killed by Expert Marksmen
    • Death of ATF Agents Necessary
  13. Helicopter Attack
    • Eyewitness Statements
    • Death of Jaydean Wendel
    • Attorney Inspection of Building
    • Unmarked US Army Helicopters Used
    • Historical Perspective
  14. The First Death Count

    The siege

  15. War Fever
  16. What's To Negotiate?
    • Communications Cut
    • Davidians Prevented from Leaving — Tanks and Grenades Used
    • Electricity Turned Off
    • Morse Code Signals Jammed
    • Mind Manipulation Experiments
    • Acoustic Psycho-Correction Technology

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