White cross flying from tank
During the height of the fire, and only then, the US forces of death flew this flag from one of the tanks.

 by Carol A. Valentine
Copyright, March, 2000
Published by Public Action, Inc.

As you know, the US wants the American public to come to "closure" on the Waco Holocaust.  And what better way to do this than to show that surviving Davidian Clive Doyle and the other Davidians have come to closure?  Recall that Clive's beautiful 18-year old daughter Shari was killed.  If Clive can come to "closure" on the Waco Holocaust while the murderers of his daughter still walk free, shouldn't we be able to do the same?

To this end, Clive and a number of "patriots" have stepped forward to show America that we shouldn't hold grudges.  With volunteer labor and donated materials, Clive and the patriots — let's call them "the happy campers"— are building a new Davidian church on the old killing fields while the murderers continue to run our country.

You can see the happy campers at work building the new church.

http://www.rebuildthechurch.com/ (archive, cache)

See the dozens of American flags on the background panel, all flying right side up?  Ironic, since the 82 innocents were murdered under its shadow.  Those happy campers sure are patriotic!


But now along comes a new Waco video which shows the truth of this "come to closure" cover-up effort.  The subject of the video is a November 28, 1999, demonstration by a single man against "the cover-up church" outside the gates of the Mt. Carmel Center.

The protester had the foresight to ask a colleague to videotape the demonstration.  This video, called "X: A True Revelation," is now available to the public.  When you get your copy, you will see that:

  • Clive Doyle objected to free speech on the cover-up church and threatened to call the McLennan County Sheriff's Department to remove the protester,
  • Clive Doyle challenged the protester to a fist fight,
  • The Sheriff's department sent A HELICOPTER and three squad cars to arrest the protester, who was unarmed!  It's all there on the video!
  • The protester was arrested while demonstrating on public land outside the Mt. Carmel Center,
  • During the confrontation, one of Clive's happy campers boasted that he helped soak the American flag in the blood of the world.
  • We know that the video addresses an issue of substance because the incident it documents resulted in these remarkable incidents:
    1. On March 12, when the protester was again outside the Mt. Carmel Center, he received a death threat from a Clive Doyle supporter who cocked a 9 mm semi-automatic and brandished it at him
    2. The sheriff's department refused to take a report of the assault, telling the protester that "you were warned to stay away" from the Mt. Carmel Center.  "If something happens [that is, if the murder threat is actualized], we'll go from there with it," the Sheriff's department said.
    3. The sheriff's department threatened the protester with arrest if he ever returns to the area outside the Mt. Carmel Center to protest, saying that demonstrations outside the Mt. Carmel Center are "against the law" because the sheriff's department says so.

    "X: A True Revelation" was produced by the protestor, a man who called himself Andrew X98.

    Believing that Clive Doyle was propagating David Koresh's teachings, Andrew went to Waco in 1997 to study the Bible with Clive.  For three years he served as the watchman over the Mt. Carmel grounds.  Andrew took with him an eclectic background in the study of religion and mysticism.

    Keeping the Sabbath Holy

    The Seventh Day Adventists, of course, take their very name from the importance they attach to Saturday, the "seventh day," the Sabbath of the Old Testament.  The governing Scripture reads as follows:

    [8] Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.
    [9] Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work.
    [10] But the seventh day is the sabbath of the LORD thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates:
    [11] For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it.

    Being Seventh Day Adventists, the Branch Davidians observed Saturday as the Sabbath.  Notice that the Scripture says that work on the Sabbath is not only forbidden to the master, the servants, and the cattle, but that work is also forbidden to any "stranger that is within thy gates."

    Of concern to this story is that, on Saturday, September 18, 1999, the happy campers measured and staked the ground for the new church; Clive worked with them.  If Clive had been following Branch Davidian rules, he would have not worked himself, nor would he have permitted the happy campers to work "within" the "gates" of the Mt. Carmel property.

    Andrew found out that the happy campers and Clive had worked on the Sabbath.  And since that day, Andrew has vociferously objected to the new structure, calling it an insult to David Koresh and the other martyrs, "an abomination," and "The Abomination that Maketh Desolate."

    Andrew says David Koresh did not work on the Sabbath, and that the Davidians "were people who gave up their lives for those beliefs."  No genuine follower of David Koresh would work on the Sabbath either, most especially would not work on the construction of a Branch Davidian church.  Andrew calls Clive an impostor, not a real Branch Davidian.

    So Andrew took to the Internet and e-mail lists to condemn what he called the cover-up church.  Then, on November 28, 1999 he demonstrated outside the gates of the Mt. Carmel grounds.  Clive and the other happy campers objected to Andrew's presence and drove down to confront him by the property edge.

    But before I go into further details, let's establish what happened on Saturday, September 18.  Despite what it says on the happy campers' website, the new church *was* started on that day, and Clive Doyle *did* participate in the work on that day.  You will see Clive admit that in the video: "I measured, yes," he says.

    That Clive worked on the Sabbath is also conceded by Tom Cook, who has described himself in his e-mail signature block as "Administrator of The Seven Seals and the Trustees of the Branch Davidians in Waco."  Tom appears in "X: A True Revelation."  He is the young man with precious mannerisms, wearing the olive green T-shirt, taking photos, and talking about angels.

    It should be noted that Tom Cook's presence in a position of trust among the contemporary Branch Davidians marks *another* apparent departure from the mores of the group under David Koresh.  Reliable sources report Tom is a practicing homosexual who from time to time brings his partners onto the Mt. Carmel Center grounds.  (See Footnote 1 for Tom Cook's connection to Jesse Amen, and other notes.)

        >Thomas Cook
        >Mt Carmel
        >Branch Davidian Trustee Discussion Board
        >http://users2.cgiforme.com/mtcarmel/cfmboard.html [not available in 2017]
        >PS:  Again, Clive found the volunteers staking out the perimeter of the
        >chapel on Saturday September 18, 1999 and instead of running them off he
        >worked with them and explained to not let this happen again as he stated
        >before anything was started.  Alex Jones and Mike Hanson understood but the
        >word did not filter down the line well.  Since then there has been no work
        >on the chapel on Sabbath.  Peaceful approach with good results.
    All right, then: Allow me to tell you a little more about the video.  The video opens with the camera resting on an abstract painting.  We hear religious chanting in the background.  Then we hear Andrew introducing himself to the viewers; he says he is a student of the Seven Seals and explains that his mission is to raise a flag in opposition to the flag flown from the tanks at the height of the fire on April 19, 1993.

    [The flag to which Andrew refers was shown in Linda Thompson's "Waco: The Big Lie Continues" and can be seen in stills from that video on Ol Dan Tucker's website.  The flag on the tank shows a black cross of St. Andrew against a white background.  Look at the third row, right hand side, and you will see it: http://www.geocities.com/ResearchTriangle/System/1543/mil/military.htm [not available in 2017].

    Andrew also comments upon the importance of keeping the Sabbath holy, and explains he is protesting the new church because it was founded on the Sabbath.  Then the camera shifts from the collage and takes us to a lonely Texas roadway outside the grounds of the Mt. Carmel Center.  The date is November 28, 1999.

    The first image we see is that of Andrew, a tall and stately man who appears to be in his late forties, standing at the entrance to the Mt. Carmel property.  The rising structure of the new church can be seen in the distant background.  Andrew is talking to two other people; a third person is obviously holding a camcorder.  Aside from these, there is no one else to break the loneliness.

    Next to Andrew we see a large flag staked to the ground.  The flag is black and upon it we see the white cross of St. Andrew; thus the flag reverses the motif of the flag flown by the tank during the fire of April 19.  We harken back to Andrew’s words: "My mission is to raise a flag in opposition to the flag flown on the tanks at the height of the fire ."  Andrew is dressed in a black shirt with a white cross of St. Andrew across the front.  The image is startling.

    Andrew is holding a placard.  We can distinguish this message:

    The Cover Up Church

     The Abomination Maketh Desolate 

    We hear Andrew explaining to the other people that "we are not to work on the Sabbath."  While he is talking, a white jeep-type vehicle drives down from the direction of the new church construction site and parks a distance away from Andrew.

    The Bantam Rooster

    A slightly built man with a jaunty military gait gets out of the jeep.  The little bantam rooster struts a few paces and says:

    "Hey, Andrew, Clive wants you off the property right now!"

    Before Andrew can reply, the Bantam Rooster repeats himself:

    "Clive wants you off the property right now!"

    Clearly, Andrew is standing on a grassy patch of land several yards from the road.  Andrew says: "I'm not on the property."  He tells Bantam Rooster: "I don't want to come on there to be of the synagogue of Satan.  This is an abomination.  This thing was founded on the Sabbath, which is a violation to David Koresh and the people who died here. "

    Andrew also explains that Clive does not own the property.  See The Waco Tribune Herald, September 15, 1999, "Austin talk show host to help build church at Mount Carmel."  The article explains:  "As with most things dealing with the Davidians, the ownership of Mount Carmel is not clear-cut.  Surviving Davidians are not the only ones claiming the property.  Also making claims are Amo Roden Bishop (ex-wife of George Roden, who lost a power struggle with David Koresh) and Douglas Mitchell, who belonged to the pre-Koresh Davidians."  http://www.accesswaco.com/auto/feed/news/local/1999/09/15/937444529.20832.1838.0446.html

    The Dump Truck Man

    As Andrew and Bantam Rooster are talking, another vehicle drives up.  This one is a dump truck with a red cabin.  The entire body of the vehicle appears to be gleaming clean, as if it has just been driven off the showroom floor.  (Later on in the video, we see that the left fender of the truck bears an American flag emblem.)

    The man driving this machine gets out and leaves the motor running.  There is no apparent reason to leave the motor running, but the camcorder picks up the hum, making the ensuing conversations less distinct than need be.

    The Dump Truck Man walks over to Andrew.  He wears glasses and a long pony tail and acts and sounds like the military police.  He too lumbers along with a military gait, less noticeable that Bantam Rooster’s because he has a larger frame.  The Dump Truck Man walks over towards Andrew and we see Andrew offer him his hand.  The Dump Truck Man refuses the handshake.

    "You’re still on the property here, ain’t cher?" demands The Dump Truck Man.  Then he roughly addresses one of the two people listening to Andrew, "Are you a visitor with Amo, are you her lawyer, or WHAT?"

    The Dump Truck Man is referring to Amo Roden, who has been living on the edge of the Mt. Carmel property for years.  Amo is the widow of the late George Roden, whom David Koresh displaced as the leader of the Branch Davidians.  Amo has been challenging Clive Doyle over the ownership of the Mt. Carmel property, and Clive and his people have accused Amo of trying to "steal" the property.

    The Biker

    A third man appears, having apparently driven up in a third vehicle, a dark colored pick-up now parked near the white jeep.  This man has an over developed upper body, wears a black T-shirt, baseball cap, sunglasses, and has a dirty blond moustache.  He looks like a biker.

    Together, the three thuggish looking individuals take turns at harassing Andrew, telling him to get off the property, that he is trespassing, that he is in someone else’s driveway (he clearly is not).  Of the three, The Dump Truck Man seems to have an almost professional surveyor’s interest in the demarcation line of the property.  Throughout the video he remains fixed on his problem.

    If Andrew is "on the property" surely he offends by mere inches.  And how important could that be?  Andrew and his audience are obviously right at the edge of the property and the place is deserted.  Andrew and his little party offer no obstacle to entrance or egress.

    The Flag Soaked In Blood

    But now the action quickens.  Andrew identifies the loyalties of the happy campers to us immediately by flashing a red cape in front of the bulls.  He makes a series of remarks about the American flag.

    Andrew calls it the "filthy American flag …"

    There is a stunned moment of silence and the Dump Truck Man asks: "Filthy American flag?"  He seems like a boxer shaking off a sharp jab.

    "That’s right," says Andrew.  "Last time I saw that flag flying here the women and children’s bodies were still smoking … Our flag has been turned into garbage."

     "… That’s my flag," says the Dump Truck Man in disbelief.

    Bingo!  Right there.  Hold those frames.  The Dump Truck man remains stone faced.  Neither he nor the two other thuggish men express any sympathy for the innocents arguably crushed to death under the flag waving tanks, nor do they express any outrage that our national symbol was used for such a diabolical purpose.

    If these three callous individuals are not moved by the fate of the children, if they are not rebuilding the church to honor the children who died there, for whom are they rebuilding it?  Why are they volunteering their time to rebuild a church for victims they clearly don’t care about?

    The only concern is that a symbol has been insulted.  I have met such military types a thousand times during my lifetime, in the work place, in my neighborhood, and during Internet debates on Waco and related issues.  They do not think with principles: they are trained to react only to symbols and commands.  They have been conditioned to react to the American flag as Skinner’s pigeons react to the bell and food pellet.

    But this exchange is the piece de resistance:

    Maybe you love that flag that’s soaked in the blood of the children of the world.

    Dump Truck Man:
    Yes, I do love that flag.  I helped soak the blood of the world in it, OK?

    There you have it: YES, I DO LOVE THAT FLAG.  I HELPED SOAK THE BLOOD OF THE WORLD IN IT, OK.  Yes, Andrew The Watchman is a clever man.  By stomping hard on the happy campers’ emotional hot buttons, they have revealed who they are.  Clive Doyle’s happy campers are soldier boys, the very same kind of folk who slaughtered Clive’s daughter and friends.

    Happy Campers Use "Negotiation" Techniques

    During the Waco Holocaust the Branch Davidians were subjected to relentless attempts to induce psychological meltdown, to destroy their spirit.  These psychological warfare techniques are called "negotiation."  Recall this April 15, 1993, report in the Dallas Morning News (No easy answers).


    "Seven weeks of talking has chiefly produced frustration among federal law enforcement officials, as traditional psychological tactics used to end other standoffs have not worked.

    “Obviously they’ve got a tiger by the tail," said Robert K. Ressler, a retired FBI official who helped found the agency’s behavioral sciences unit and taught many of the hostage negotiators now in Waco.  "This is obviously the longest wait-out they’ve ever encountered, so you’re delving into a new area of hostage-type situations."

    "Trying to weaken Mr. Koresh’s resolve by altering or chipping away at his belief system has been ineffective.

    “One of the things you can sometimes do in negotiations, especially if you have someone with a delusional system, is to point out the weaknesses and the fallacies in the delusional system," said Wayman Mullins, a hostage negotiating expert who has closely followed the Waco siege.  "Koresh’s [delusion] is so well-developed, it just wouldn’t work."

    "Delusional system" as used in the above paragraph of course means the system of beliefs the psychological warfare experts are trying to weaken or destroy.

    "X: A New Revelation" shows the happy campers using these techniques on Andrew.  The three thugs hurl a cacophony of random insults at him, twisting the words he has uttered, inventing bald-face lies about what he has said during the confrontation, demanding answers of him and then interrupting him as he tries to respond.  Here are some samples:

    "Everything you say stands for hate and bigotry.  Stands for racism.  Stands for evil."
    "Why don’t you tell us how you’re going to kill whitey?"
    "You’ve proven yourself a liar, Sir."
    "Are you here to steal the property?"
    "You want protection under that First Amendment when it FITS you and FITS you fine but then ‘I got my First Amendment Rights,’ you sit here and criticize that flag ...."
    "You're a liar."
    "You are trespassing."
    "So your solution is to kill white people?"
    "You're a liar, Sir."
    "You are no better than skinheads and the Klan."
    "You're the threat to America."
    "You're a liar, Sir."
    "Andrew, you need to take you Prozac.  We have concerns for you."
    "Oh, now you want protection under he First Amendment when you sit here and ABDICATE [sic] violence against America?"
    "You're a liar and a hypocrite, Sir.  You know it's true."
    "Oh now you want protection under the First Amendment when you stand here and advocate violence against the American people?"
    "You're a liar, Sir."

    Are these men of conscience?  No.  They are thugs, with the stink of military psychological warfare training all over them.  Clive keeps strange company for a man of the cloth.

    Amo Roden Speaks

    Amo Roden, the widow of the late George Roden whom David Koresh displaced as the leader of the Branch Davidians, appears briefly in the video.  Amo has been challenging Clive Doyle over the ownership of the Mt. Carmel property, and Clive and his people have accused Amo of trying to "steal" the property.

    Amo has been watching it all, and comments:"...This is ridiculous for people to get so upset because a man has a sign and a flag.  If they are doing right, they should keep going on and doing it.  I don't get upset.  People call me names.  They say I steal.  They put up signs and say I steal.  I just keep doing what I'm doing," says Amo, smiling.  And indeed she looks serene.

    Here Comes Clive

    Eventually Clive Doyle arrives at the scene.  He speaks a few words to Andrew.  His words are muffled, but his first action is physically aggressive.  Clive grabs Andrew’s flag by the pole and begins to pull it from its place in the ground.  Andrew grabs the pole and a scuffle breaks out.

    The Dump Truck Man is clearly the senior honcho on the scene right now.  He barks at Clive: "Hey, hey, hey," and pushes Clive back from Andrew.  Clive obeys The Dump Truck Man and heels like a puppy.

    Andrew says to Clive: "Next time I see you, proud boy, we'll talk and you won't have your phoney …" The next words are muffled, but at the word "phoney" Andrew juts his chin out in the direction of The Dump Truck Man and the others.  More muffled words and we hear Andrew’s voice: "Punk!"  he says to Clive.

    Then we hear Clive issuing the fighting words: "Do you want talk or do you want action?"  Clive says he will take Andrew on "one on one."  Andrew responds: "OK, tell them to back off and I'll tighten your ass up for you so fast …"

    Later Clive will claim that Andrew, not he, laid down the gauntlet for a fist fight: Andrew replies he only accepted Clive’s original challenge.

    The discussion returns to the American flag.  Andrew accuses Australian born Clive of having raised the American flag over the bodies of the mothers and children during the ground laying ceremonies of September 19.  Clive denies it.  Andrew continues:

    "Even this fellow from the talk show [indicating talk show host Alex Jones], he was willing to turn it upside down, which means this place is in distress.  I'm all for that.  This American flag stands for an ideal and a dream that has been dirtied …"

    Clive Doyle cuts in with this response: "Upside down or right way up, it stands for something!"

    Clive the Flag Waver

    But what does it stand for, in Clive's eyes?  Clive clearly does not believe in the principle of "Equal Justice Under Law," for despite his many interviews with the national media, he has never used his public visibility to demand the indictment of the murderers of his dead daughter and dead friends.

    On the contrary, Clive has ignored solid evidence that Shari and others were murdered with malice aforethought; he signed his name to Ramsey Clark's civil law suit and demanded money for her death, claiming she died as the result of the government negligence.  To read about that suit, see "Waco Suits for Waco Suckers," at:


    And to see the beautiful Shari Doyle in life, and her autopsy report, go to:


    Readers, if you have a daughter like Shari and she was murdered, would you be satisfied to accept cash for her death while her murderers walked free?  Would you be raising a new structure on the killing fields where they slew your daughter, and then defend the flag of the murderers "upside down or right side up"?

    Where are Clive Doyle’s loyalties?  Not to his daughter, apparently.  Clive has never explained why he was not with Shari throughout those terrible hours on April 19, or offered any explanation of why her body was found on the *top* of the concrete room while Clive escaped to see another day.

    Not all parents of murdered children act like Clive Doyle.  Some act honorably toward their murdered children and demand proper investigations, indictments, and prosecutions.  Meet Beth George and Tom Burkett, the parents of the murdered Tommy Burkett, who established the group, Parents Against Corruption and Coverup:

    http://www.clark.net/pub/tburkett/pacc/PACC.html (archive, cache)

    Clive The Tyrant

    Throughout the video, Clive expresses his disgust with Andrew’s free speech and eventually has Andrew hauled off to jail, where Andrew spent a week in lockup.  The mechanism Clive used to jail his former Bible student makes a significant statement about his character (see "Clive the Snitch," below).

    While the Dump Truck Man continuously badgers Andrew about being "on the property," Clive continuously berates Andrew for taking his protest to the Internet and e-mail forums.  During the course of the demonstration, Andrew backs up further and further towards the road.  "If I'm off by a couple of feet, I'll move back some more," he tells Clive, and asks Clive to let him do his thing.

    Clive answers: "I don't want to let you do your thing, I'm not interested in your thing.  I'm not interested in your doing your thing here at our place.  Why don't you do it down at your place.  You're doing it on the computer …"

    Clive and Andrew have a brief conversation about traffic tickets which apparently Andrew acquired and asked Clive to write off.  The significance of this conversation will be discussed below, in "Clive The Snitch."

    In the general melee, two people mention calling the sheriff to remove Andrew: Clive Doyle and another man wearing a horizontally striped knit shirt.  This man is Mike Hanson, the happy campers builder-in-charge.

    Rush to Get The Job Done By April 19

    Eventually Mike Hanson tells Andrew that Mike and the happy campers are not of Doyle’s religion, but they still work on their Sabbath, Sunday, because "the ox is in the ditch."

    This is of course a reference to Luke 14:5, wherein Jesus, curing a man of dropsy on the Sabbath, defends himself against the Pharisees.  Jesus asks: "Which of you shall have an ass or an ox fallen into a pit, and will not straightway pull him out on the Sabbath day?"

    Thus we learn that Mike Hanson thinks there’s an emergency — the new building must be finished fast — hence it is OK to work on the Sabbath.  But why the hurry?

    Well, the US wants the new church finished by April 19, 2000, the seventh anniversary of the burning of Mt. Carmel.  The murderers of the Davidians intend to make the new church a media event.  What an opportunity for the TV and newspapers to show the April 19 anniversary observance with a smiling Clive Doyle standing outside his spanking new church, "coming to closure."  Clive’s American flag will be fluttering right side up in the breeze.

    The US hopes the public will watch the coverage and say: "Look, the government accidentally burnt down their church but now it's all made better.  That Mr. Doyle is a nicer person than Koresh, too.  Everything is OK in America after all.  We can come to closure!"  Anyone else who refuses to come to closure on Waco after this photo op will be declared an EXTREMIST.  Nothing will be permitted to interfere with the plans.

    The Chopper Arrives

    Mike Hanson orders the group back to work on the building, asking Clive first who should remain.  Clive chooses the Dump Truck Man.  By this time Andrew is clearly right next to the road.

    The video next cuts to a police helicopter flying overhead.  All conversation is drowned out, the chopper flying round and round Andrew's general location, clearly an act of intimidation.  Then the two squad cars come, and we see the sheriff's deputies approach Andrew and then Clive.  They speak to Clive a long time, and then come over to Andrew and take him into custody.  As the scene closes, we see a third squad car, this one painted a dark color.

    In preparation for this review, I talked with Andrew and asked to whom the third squad car belonged.  "I wish I knew," he said.  "I never saw it before, and I haven't seen it since."

     Clive the Snitch

    Continuing my interview with Andrew, I asked him what he had been charged with after his arrest.  Andrew reminded me of Clive’s remarks about the traffic tickets.  Andrew told me:

    "During 1998 and 1999 when I was living and working at Mt.Carmel I received a series of tickets when traveling back and forth from Waco to New Jerusalem [the Mt. Carmel Center].

    "When the police finished talking to Clive they came back to me and asked me my name and if I had ID.  I said to them: ‘You know my name … what’s going on, fellows?  Am I going to jail today?’

    "One of them replied, ‘Andrew you know you have back tickets that haven’t been paid.’  I wonder how they knew that without radioing in?

    "Rest assured Clive told them about the tickets when they were conferring there on the side of the road.

    "I was not officially charged with anything.  Nor was I permitted to speak to the judge.  After four days in jail I learned from a guard that I had been sentenced to seven days to pay off the tickets," said Andrew.

    Publish And Be Damned

    Since he voiced criticism of The Cover-up Church, Clive and his followers have accused Andrew of pilfering money from the Mt. Carmel Center, not paying a phone bill, etc.

    "But that won't be the end of it," says Andrew.  During the three years of studying Bible, Andrew viewed Clive as a spiritual counselor and opened up his heart to Clive, telling him all the secrets of his life.  Andrew fully expects that Clive will break this ministerial confidence given by a parishioner to a clergyman and tell Andrew's secrets in an attempt to discredit Andrew.  What is Andrew's attitude to this?  Andrew will continue to speak out to defend the martyrs, he says.

    Martial Law in McLennan County

    Since his arrest, Andrew occasionally demonstrated outside the Mt. Carmel Center and handed out flyers.  On March 8, he sent out a news bulletin which said:

    "Today some of the people that learned that this 'church' is being built on the Sabbath, refused to even enter the property.  All others vowed that they would never pray in it nor would they give a penny to it."

    Andrew says that on March 12 he returned to the Mt. Carmel Center property and was demonstrating again when a car pulled up, driven by a man Andrew knows as "Scott," the current Mt. Carmel Center watchman.  Next to Scott sat a man who cocked a 9MM semi-automatic at Andrew and smiled without saying a word.

    Andrew reported the assault to the McLennan County Sheriff’s department, but they refused to file a report.  Deputy Bud Koen told Andrew that he was "breaking the law" by going out to the Mt. Carmel Center after the Sheriff’s department told him not to.

    Koen therefore refused to take an assault report because Andrew shouldn’t have been out there in the first place.  "If something happens we'll go from there with it," said Koen: That is, if Andrew is shot, the Sheriff’s department might investigate after the fact.

    Furthermore, Koen warned that if the Sheriff’s department saw Andrew "at the compound" in the future, they would charge him with criminal trespass.

    Clive Doyle vs. David Koresh

    Clive Doyle sure rates First Class service from the McLennan County Sheriff's department.  The Sheriff's department sends a helicopter and three squad cars to arrest Andrew for no offense whatsoever, and then becomes an accessory to a gun assault — all because Clive does not want Andrew on public land outside the Mt. Carmel Center talking about "the Cover Up Church."

    Compare the treatment Doyle gets with the treatment David Koresh received.  It was McLennan County deputy sheriff Daniel Weyenberg who officially kicked off the ATF investigation of David Koresh in late May, 1992, when Weyenberg reported "suspicious" United Parcel Service deliveries to putative Branch Davidians at a property called the Mag Bag.  And the McLennan County Sheriff’s department flew daily reconnaissance flights over the Center to spy on the Davidians (Treasury Report, pgs. 8, 17, 46.)

    Thus it was the McLennan County Sheriff’s Department that kicked off the Waco Holocaust.  The McLennan County Sheriff’s department cooperated fully with the US then, just as they cooperate fully with them today.

    David Koresh was not to their taste, of course, and he got wiped out.  But they seem to like Clive Doyle just fine.  He's their man, and he's building their church.

    FOOTNOTE 1. From information to hand, Tom Cook first appeared among the Branch Davidians in connection with Jesse Amen.  Jesse Amen was the man who allegedly penetrated the FBI cordon around the Mt. Carmel Center during the night of March 26, 1993.  He lived among the Davidians until he left on April 4 and was arrested by the FBI.  Tom Cook paid Jesse Amen's bail.  Tom Cook now works as a hairdresser in Waco, and is Clive Doyle's hairdresser.

    I have written to Clive Doyle and Tom Cook asking them to explain the circumstances surrounding Tom's elevated position within the group, given his practices.  I attach copies of those e-mail messages.


    Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2000 16:23:44 -0500
    To: <clivejdoyle@hotmail.com>
    From: "Carol A. Valentine" <SkyWriter@Public-Action.com>
    Subject: Questions on New Church Policy


    I have been watching the video "X: A True Revelation," which was produced by Andrew, the former watchman of the Mt. Carmel Center.

    I understand that the young man in the olive green T-shirt, taking photos, and talking about angels toward the end of the video is Thomas Cook.  In his e-mails to me, Tom has stated in his signature block that he is "Administrator of The Seven Seals and the Trustees of the Branch Davidians in Waco."

    Yet Tom appears to be homosexual.  Upon further inquiry, I have reports from those who know him that he is a homosexual and that from time to time he brings partners onto the Mt. Carmel Center grounds.

    No, no one is pointing fingers or casting aspersions at Tom.  Here is why I bring the subject up:

    It strikes me as unusual that you, as the leader of the Davidians, have placed a homosexual in a position of high trust.  As far as I know, folks who accept the Bible as the literal word of God—such as Seventh Day Adventists—regard homosexual practice as a grave sin.

    I have never heard that David Koresh was tolerant of homosexual practice.  It seems, then, that the theology and practice among the Branch Davidians has changed since you replaced David Koresh.

    Can you tell me what new church policy you are operating on?  Can you tell me if this change in policy was decided upon by a governing body of the Branch Davidian Church, or was it your own personal decision?

    Thank you, Clive.


    Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2000 15:52:04 -0500
    From: "Carol A. Valentine" <PersonsOfConscience@Public-Action.com>
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    Subject: Bible Believers & Homosexuality


    I have been watching the video "X: A True Revelation," which was
    produced by Andrew.  I understand you are the young man in the olive
    green T-shirt, taking photos, and talking about angels toward the end of
    the video.

    In your e-mails to me, you have signed yourself "Administrator of The
    Seven Seals and the Trustees of the Branch Davidians in Waco."  Yet you
    appear to be homosexual.  Upon further inquiry, I have reports from
    those who know you that you are homosexual and that from time to time
    you bring your partners onto the Mt. Carmel Center grounds.

    No, no one is pointing fingers or casting aspersions on you.  Here is
    why I bring the subject up:

    I am surprised that the Davidians have a homosexual in a position of
    trust among them, for I know that folks who accept the Bible as the
    literal word of God—such as Seventh Day Adventists—regard homosexual
    practice as a grave sin.

    I have never heard that David Koresh was tolerant of homosexual
    practice.  It seems, then, that the mores of the Branch Davidians have
    changed since the time of David Koresh.  That is why I am interested.
    My question is sociological.  My question is:

    ** Practicing homosexuals have had a great deal of trouble gaining
    acceptance into fundamentalist religious groups; what in your opinion
    turned the key for you with the Davidians? **

    By the way, you should know I am not a Bible believer, so I don't
    necessarily subscribe to the Biblical view of homosexuality.  I believe
    in "Equal Justice Under Law'" for all.  So, like I say, my question to
    you arises from a sociological interest.

    ==== End =================

    To get a copy of this video, write to Andrew at: <Iam_X98@Bigfoot.com>

    The issue of "Davidian survivors" is fraught with questions, as told these chapters of the Museum: