Alleged picture of Davidian prisoners, from The Telegraph, 24 Mar 2013.  (Cached)



Renos Avraam32WhiteBritish
Brad Branch36WhiteAmerican
Jaime Castillo24WhiteAmerican
Graeme Craddock32WhiteAustralian
Clive Doyle51WhiteAustralian
Livingstone Fagan35BlackBritish
Paul Fatta35WhiteAmerican
Oliver Gyarfas19WhiteAustralian
James Lauter70WhiteAmerican
Ruth Riddle31WhiteCanadian
Kathryn Schroeder32White
Cheyne (or Shawn)
Paul Wendell
Kevin Whitecliff33WhiteAmerican
  1. Norman Washington Allison (9),
  2. Renos Lenny Avraam (11),
  3. Brad Eugene Branch (2),
  4. Jaime Castillo (5),
  5. Graeme Leonard Craddock (10),
  6. Clive Doyle (4),
  7. Livingstone Fagan (6),
  8. Paul Fatta (7),
  9. Woodrow Kendrick (8),
  10. Ruth Ottman Riddle (12)
  11. Kevin A. Whitecliff (3),
  12. Kathryn Schroeder (1),


Disposition of 2003 Waco suits case


Getting a comprehensive authoritative list of the Davidians arrested and incarcerated is not easy. Prosecutions were filed, withdrown, amended, and superceded in a disorderly sequence of events, removing all consensus between news reports. Some of that complexity is told on the Department of Justice Report, beginning on pg. 338. This pictoral list is from the Waco Tribune Herald April 13, 2013, archived by Town News. The image above does not include Kathry Schroeder.

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