FBI J Edgar Hoover Building in
			       Washington DC

The J. Edgar Hoover FBI Buidling in Washington D.C. was completed on June 28, 1974 at the cost of $126,108,000.  It was named through Public Law, 92-520, which President Richard Nixon signed May 4, 1972, two days after Hoover's death.



Davidian Casualties

This list is a compilation of information from the FBI List, the Department of Justice Report, and surviving Branch Davidian, Clive Doyle.  The race of individuals has importance as an aid in identifying remains.

But the full truth of the casualties may never be known.  As detailed in various exhibits of the Death Gallery, the autopsies and other information suggest and support the hypothesis that dozens were killed on February 28.

Name Age Race Nationality Doe Number
Winston Blake 28 black British 77
Peter Gent 24 white Australian 76
Peter Hipsman 28 white American 79
Perry Jones 64 white American 80
Michael Schroeder 29 white American 81
Jaydean Wendel 34 Asian American 78

ATF Casualties

These autopsy reports were provided by the office of James C. Collier, Justice of the Peace of McLennan County, Texas.

Four ATF agents were killed by gunshots during the raid on February 28, 1993.  The deadly wounds suggest the ATF agents were killed by precision marksmen.  The wounds did extensive damage to vital organs — wounds that could not have been mitigated in the world's best trauma unit, even if such a unit were on the scene.  Is it likely those wounds were inflicted by Bible students shooting in the heat of combat?

Contemporaneous photographic evidence shows the Davidians did not meet the ATF with "a hail of bullets" during the February 28 assault, as is alleged in the official reports.  For a discussion of the identity of the killers, see Who Struck John?

Name Age Race Nationality Doe Number
Conway Charles LeBleu 34 White American N/A
Todd Wayne McKeehan 28 White American N/A
Robert John Williams 26 White American N/A
Steven David Willis 32 White American N/A

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